Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Our clients are sophisticated recruiters who require methodical and targeted whole-of-market research before selection.

We deliver a 'no stone unturned' approach by developing a researched market map of the talent employed in similar roles in the region. Then we literally review, cover and validate everyone in the market to determine the functional and cultural fit. This process ultimately results in a group of the most suitable available candidates who are open to our process.

The research we do, on your behalf, is backed by our comprehensive knowledge, which was attained after many years developing a network that spans the region and in some cases the globe. Our long-term relationships with senior sector executives across a wide range of leadership functions are strong. It not only provides the core starting point of our research, but it also provides invaluable insight into organisational culture, and sources for confidential candidate validation.

We effectively build a business case to hire our successful candidate - you are not left wondering 'who else is out there?' or 'who have we missed?' These questions often stall the decision making processes in organisations that always strive for the best results and outcomes in their recruitment processes.

Candidate Validation

Simply put, one should expect candidates to already have substantial footprints and legacies of work performance in all present and past roles. That footprint should be large enough to be identified by peers both inside and outside of their organisations. Peer validation is central to the development of our networks and processes.

Our People

Colin Lang founded Reiser Corporation in 2008. Tertiary qualified, dual degrees he brings substantial industry experience at CEO levels, as well as substantial global executive search experience. He works effectively at business critical search assignments - business unit leaders, chief executive officers and vice presidents. Confidential briefs are accepted from both executive management and board levels.